To all the followers and guests of my blogs:

I’ve just received a warning from MediaFire that I’ve been violating their rules as I’ve been sharing copyright-protected files. Therefore, I do not have any choice but remove all the links to protect my files and hard work.

I know it’s not good news particularly to those who could hardly access said films but what can I do?

Just like the video streaming cases, I believe that the reporting about my so-called violation is the selfish doing of another blogger but I don’t blame them since it is human nature to feel envious about something that exceeds their own work. Too bad... too bad, indeed!

I will start removing the links so to all those who have not downloaded what they have already scheduled, please do it now.

Thank you for making my blogs the most visited in the web.



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07 November 2008

Cowboy Junction (2006)

A chiseled, but tender gay cowboy (James Bobby) is picked up by a married man in an almost surreal gay pick-up area in the parched desert. After their passionate quickie, the husband (Gregory Christian) brings the hunk home, telling his young wife (Elyse Mirto) that he is the new handyman who will live in the back garage. Lies are built on lies, the two men begin an affair, the wife thinks her husband is having another affair until she saw her husband's silhouette from the handyman quarter's window. The wife becomes very furious she plans get back at both men...