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01 March 2009

Jeffrey's Hollywood Screen Trick (2001)

Inspired by the recent spate of gay romantic comedies, this film brings dozens of anatomically-exceptional Billy® dolls to life through stop-motion animation for the most unusual date movie ever.


Running with Scissors (2006)

Based on the personal memoirs of Augusten Burroughs, the film is a wickedly funny, brave and moving tale of surviving a most unusual childhood. Augusten's (Joseph Cross) mother (Anette Bening) is a deluded aspiring post with bipolar disorder whose marriage to his dad (Alec Baldwin) is in ruins. Soon, she is seeing a very eccentric therapist named Dr. Finch (Brian Cox) whilst Augusten is left in the care of Finch's wacky family including his tightly-wound daughter (Gwyneth Paltrow). Abandoned by his parents and adopted by the Finches, he finds a kindred spirit in youngest daughter Natalie (Evan Rachel Wood) and motherly support from Finch's long suffering wife Agnes (Jill Clayburgh). Constantly recording the events of his life in his journals as a way to cope, Augusten finds himself avoiding school, learning about love from an older man (Joseph Fiennes), and making big decisions at the tender age of fifteen.

28 February 2009

100% Normal, The Street (2007)

Charlie, a demolition man, is going to work away, leaving wife Roz at home with their teenage kids, Luke and Leah. At the end of a gruelling day, Charlie retires to the room that he’s sharing with fellow worker, Tom (Will Mellor). Charlie is woken when Tom tries to get into bed with him. Affronted by Tom's actions, Charlie states that he’s straight. The next day Charlie attempts to change hotel rooms, but it’s not an option, and so he’s stuck with Tom. That evening, Tom tries his luck again, and Charlie doesn't resist his advances. Will he be able to come to terms with what's happening to him? With with Vincent Regan, Will Mellor, Adam Beresford and Julia Ford. Directed by Terry McDonough.


Espacio 2 (2001)

Debido a celos profesionales, un amante pone su relación en riesgo.

A lover puts his relationship at risk due to his professional insecurity.


27 February 2009

Birthday Time (2000)

A married closet case and parent who trolls gay bars for sex on the sly is placed in charge of his friend's teenage son. And the boy wants a kiss before his 18th birthday... and more!


Out at the Wedding (2007)

Southerner Alex Houston has found that life in the Big Apple suits her perfectly. She’s engaged to a devoted man – who happens to be both black and Jewish – and she’s miles away from her racist, right-wing Southern family. It all seems to be going so well – too well in fact. And it all begins to unravel at great speed when she’s called back to South Carolina to be a bridesmaid in her spoilt sister’s upcoming wedding. Who ever said the bride should be the centre of attention?

26 February 2009

The Shadows (2007)

A wunderkind horror novelist about to buckle under the pressures of his publisher's expectations and a messy divorce settlement experiences a chance encounter that sends him spiraling into darkness in this intimate horror film. Stephen Grimes is a bestselling author who has mastered the art of the paperback shocker. But lately Stephen has been under increasing pressure from his writer and editor to turn out another book, and his ex-wife is making their divorce settlement as miserable as humanly possible. One night, while cruising the back roads on a moonlit drive, Stephen accidentally hits a young man named Emett. Later, after rushing Emett to a nearby hospital, the author and the boy strike up a tenuous friendship. Before long that friendship has erupted into a torrid sexual affair, thrusting the author into a sinister story that seems to have been ripped straight from the pages of one of his own disturbing stories.

Straight-Jacket (2004)

The film plays fast and loose with the conventions of the 1950s Technicolor romantic comedy. Appropriately, it is also inspired by the true-life story of closeted homosexual actor Rock Hudson, who starred in many such comedies. Guy Stone (Matt Letscher) is a matinee heart-throb whose popularity is matched by his libido. But when a scandal sheet threatens to reveals his homosexuality, which in the climate of the time would destroy his career, his agent marries him off to an unsuspecting secretary. When Guy then falls for gay screenwriter Rick, however, he is tempted to end his marriage and openly embrace his sexuality. It satirizes classic Hollywood romantic comedies by giving them a queer twist.

25 February 2009

So-nyeon, Son-nyeon-eul Man-na-da - 소년, 소년을 만나다 (2008) Boy Meets Boy

따뜻한 봄날, 나른한 버스. 가냘픈 몸에 비해 조금 커 보이는 교복을 입은 앳된 얼굴의 민수는 키 크고 넓은 어깨의 조금은 껄렁해 보이는 남학생 석이와 마주친다. 버스 한 켠에 앉은 민수, 야구 모자의 챙 아래로 보일락 말락 하는 날카로운 눈빛의 무섭게 보이는 녀석에게 자꾸 눈길이 간다. 석이도 역시 민수의 시선이 신경 쓰이는데… 흔들리는 민수의 눈, 두근거리는 가슴. 민수는 석이와 잘 될 수 있을까?

It's a warm day in spring and inside a fully-packed public bus are two young boys: Min-Soo, the slim one in school uniform seated down and Seok-yi, the tall one with broad shoulders standing up. The seated boy steals a gaze at the other boy who looks back at him with sharp eyes hidden under his baseball cap. Min-soo suddenly feels shaky and his heart starts pounding so he decides to alight on the next bus stop. Will Seok-yi follow him?


Pretty/Handsome (2008)

The pilot of a supposed television series in the US, the story revolves around a successful doctor, a loving husband and a responsible father to two sons who loves to wear panties. After meeting a couple who happens to be transsexuals, he realizes that it's not too late for him to undergo gender reassignment.

The Bobsy Boys (2004)

The story of a gay couple who have together brought up a son fathered by one of them and one of them is now dying of cancer.


Run to Me (2007)

David has stopped communicating with his running partner, Ben. David writes Ben a letter asking him for forgiveness and asking if he wants to be his running buddy again. When David finally meets up with Ben, will he have the courage to hand him the letter in which he reveals the real reason why he tried to keep distance from him?


That Thing We Do (2002)

Kevin, a handsome young man struggling with his sexuality learns a life lesson from Adam, his much younger cousin.


Sunheun - 순흔 (2004) A Crimson Mark

조선시대의 비오는 날, 단아한 자세로 서책을 들여다보던 승지는 문득 그리움에 젖어 시를 읊는다. 그 은밀한 그리움의 대상은 교리 홍현. 조정에서는 서로 대립되는 입장에서 언성을 높이지만 두 사람은 서로를 갈망하는 사이다. 조선시대 선비끼리의 동성애라는 대담한 소재를 시적이고 탐미적으로 그려낸 작품.

On a rainy day during the Joseon Dynasty, a chancellor casually recites a poem of solitude. His secret yearning is dedicated to a young scholar in his commission. They have contrasting viewpoint when it comes to politics, however, the two are discreetly having a homosexual affair.


24 February 2009

Reine Geschmacksache (2007) Fashion Victims

Wolfgang Zenker (Edgar Selge), von allen Wolfi genannt, hat mit seinen 52 Jahren bisher ein privat und beruflich scheinbar erfolgreiches Leben. Sein Frau Erika (Franziska Walser) ist hübsch und liebevoll, und Sohn Karsten (Florian Bartholomäi) hat gerade das Gymnasium erfolgreich hinter sich gebracht. Als Handelsreisender für Damenoberbekleidung erzielt Wolfi ein ordentliches Einkommen und hat sich gerade eine nagelneue S-Klasse von Mercedes zugelegt. Da droht ein Ereignis sein ganzes Leben auf den Kopf zu stellen: Ihm wird für ein Monat der Lappen abgenommen, und damit ist sein Job hochgradig gefährdet: Wie soll er nun die neue Modekollektion seiner Firma Goldberger den im ganzen Lande verstreuten Modegeschäften und Boutiquen präsentieren? Zenker sieht nur einen Ausweg aus der Misere: Sein gerade volljährig gewordener Sohn soll ihn herumkutschieren!

For 52 years, Wolfgang Zenker (Edgar Selge), Wolfi as he is fondly called, is having apparently a good life, both privately and professionally. He has a loving and beautiful wife Erika (Franziska Walser) and son Karsten (Florian Bartholomäi) who just finished high school. Being a successful commercial sales spokesperson for ladies' wear, he earns quite a lofty income and just got a brand new S-class Mercedes Benz. Suddenly a misfortune occurs and threatens to put Wolfi in a terrible predicament: his license is lost and the replacement would only be available after a month. How could it be possible for him to deliver his company's new fashion collection to all the fashion houses and boutiques nationwide? Zenker sees only one way out from the plight: his son has to stop and should drive him around!

Race You to the Bottom (2005)

Do love and sexuality have boundaries? When two 20-something best friends – a gay man and a straight woman – embark on a heated affair, all bets are off. Set during a road trip through the Napa Valley wine country, the film is a liberating and thoughtful examination of sex and sexuality, love and friendship, and rebellion and consequence.

23 February 2009

Der Bewegte Mann (1994) The Most Desired Man

Als Doro ihren Freund Axel erneut in flagranti mit einer anderen Frau erwischt, schmeißt sie ihn aus der gemeinsamen Wohnung. Doch als er weg ist, merkt sie, dass sie von Axel schwanger ist, und möchte ihn heiraten. Axel lernt auf der Suche nach einer Unterkunft den schwulen Walter kennen und zieht letztendlich bei dessen ebenfalls schwulem Bekannten Norbert ein. Die beiden Schwulen sind von Axel angetan. Axel ist jedoch heterosexuell und liebt nach wie vor Doro. Als Doro die Suche nach Axel fast aufgeben will, findet sie ihn und den nackten Norbert (er hatte fälschlicherweise gedacht, auf Gegenliebe zu stoßen) bei sich zu Hause. Sie ist zuerst schockiert, später kommen sie und Axel aber doch wieder zusammen und heiraten noch vor der Geburt des gemeinsamen Sohnes.

Doro catches her live-in boyfriend Axel with another woman again so she throws him out of their apartment. But when she discovers that she is pregnant, she tries to get him back to marry her. Axel finds an accommodation from a gay acquaintance he meets. Though he is very much straight, he appreciates the help of Walter and his gay friend Norbert; and he is still very much in love with Doro. One day, Doro was surprised to find Axel and Norbert both naked in her bedroom but after a few alibis, they're back together and marry before the birth of their son.

22 February 2009

Patrik 1,5 (2008)

Göran och Sven har blivit godkända för adoption. Problemet är att det saknas givarländer som accepterar homosexuella föräldrar. En dag öppnar sig en möjlighet att få adoptera ett svenskt föräldralöst barn, "Patrik 1,5", men när Patrik anländer visar han sig vara någon annan än det trott. Ett kommatecken har hamnat fel i byråkratin och in kliver en femtonårig homofob med kriminellt förflutet.

Couple Goran and Sven's application has been approved but the problem is that there aren't any babies available for adoption for gay parents. One day, the couple has been informed of an opportunity to adopt a Swedish orphan described as "Patrik 1.5." The two are so exhilarated to learn the good news but when Patrik shows up, he is not exactly the baby the couple has in mind. A comma has been misplaced in the description of the adopted child who is actually a fifteen-year old homophobe with criminal history.